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Back to blog with change.

Back again…………….after a long time , writing againg to this  blog. Although  I spend so many time on the net, but mostly wasting  time. I am determined now to spend some time with my blog from this  time onward.

Let me tell something about the changes in my life. I am working at new firm now, at  M&H , it not so much new to me any more.  Many other things have also changed my body , my face, my attitude , my feeling and some thing remain unchange – my bad luck.

This year in 2008 I  am getting tired and looking back at time, I am seeing nothing but darkness at my behind and I am seeing no goals infront. My life is simple now . I wake up early in the morning , go to office , browse some internet, do some face booking , do some routine work and came back home at night, take my dinner and go to sleep early and the cycle begain again. The thing that scars me most is the aim less life of mine.What ever I do whatever I become won’t change the shit I am in. If you ask me  what is my problem am gona tell you that it is none of your business. and believe me it isn’t .

I shouldn’t write like this in this blog. But can’t help it. Hope this post will be lost amonge the other post.


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